Nelson Eddy Movies

List of the best Nelson Eddy movies: Northwest Outpost(1947), Balalaika(1939), Let Freedom Ring(1939), Knickerbocker Holiday(1944), The Chocolate Soldier(1941), Maytime(1937), New Moon(1940), The Girl of the Golden West(1938), The Phantom of the Opera(1943), Sweethearts(1938), Rose Marie(1936), Naughty Marietta(1935) ... ...

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Northwest Outpost poster

Northwest Outpost

The daughter of a Russian general arrives at Fort Ross American outpost with a slightly credible motive, hiding her true reasons which have to do with treason and blackmail. Yet she can not... See full summary »

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Balalaika poster


A Russian prince disguised as a worker and a cafe singer secretly involved in revolutionary activities fall in love.

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star 6.3/10
Let Freedom Ring poster

Let Freedom Ring

Railroad owner Jim Knox uses everything to get the land he needs for his new railroad cheaply. Everybody hopes, that Steve Logan ends his regime, but he allies with Jim Knox. Nobody knows, ... See full summary »

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star 5.6/10
Knickerbocker Holiday poster

Knickerbocker Holiday

It's 1650 in New Amsterdam, and Brom Broeck, a young outspoken newspaper publisher is arrested for printing advanced opinions on the undemocratic rule of Govenor "Peg-Leg" Stuyvesant. While... See full summary »

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The Chocolate Soldier poster

The Chocolate Soldier

An opera singer (Nelson Eddy) poses as a Russian in Vienna to test his wife's (Rise Stevens) fidelity; she plays along.

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star 7.3/10
Maytime poster


An aging opera singer looks back on her long life, including her relationships with her vocal teacher and a student.

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New Moon poster

New Moon

On a Louisiana-bound ship, a nobleman planning a campaign for liberty encounters an heiress.

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The Girl of the Golden West poster

The Girl of the Golden West

A bandit disguises himself as an officer in an attempt to woo a saloon singer.

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The Phantom of the Opera poster

The Phantom of the Opera

The city's District Attorney is murdered, and a newspaper reporter investigates. He starts finding out that everything wasn't quite as cut and dried as it appeared to be.

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Sweethearts poster


Married co-stars (Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy) of a Broadway operetta have a big fight, split up and then get back together.

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Rose Marie poster

Rose Marie

An opera star (Jeanette MacDonald) falls for a Mountie (Nelson Eddy) chasing her outlaw brother (James Stewart).

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Naughty Marietta poster

Naughty Marietta

An incognito French princess (Jeanette MacDonald) flees to New Orleans and flirts with an Indian scout (Nelson Eddy).

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I Married an Angel poster

I Married an Angel

A Budapest banker (Nelson Eddy) dreams of marrying an angel (Jeanette MacDonald), after meeting her earthly double.

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Bitter Sweet poster

Bitter Sweet

Songs by Noel Coward highlight this tale of the difficult times faced by a Victorian belle and her husband in Vienna.

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star 6.8/10
Dancing Lady poster

Dancing Lady

An attractive dancer is rescued from jail by a rich man, who helps her to have her first big opportunity at a musical play on Broadway.

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Student Tour poster

Student Tour

A college rowing team's world tour is in jeopardy because a philosophy professor plans to flunk the entire crew. Ann, the instructor's niece, convinces him to tutor the team on the ocean ... See full summary »

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