Frank Harris Movies

List of the best Frank Harris movies: Killpoint(1984), Aftershock(1989), Low Blow(1986), Lockdown(1990), The Patriot(1986) ... ...

star 4.4/10
Killpoint poster


An L.A. cop investigating the rape and murder of his wife traces the crime to a psycho biker gang that smuggles guns. He teams up with an FBI agent to stop them and catch his wife's killers.

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star 4.3/10
Aftershock poster


An alien visits Earth during World War III, learns English by absorbing a dictionary, and meets good and bad earthlings.

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star 3.9/10
Low Blow poster

Low Blow

Leo Fong plays a private investigator who is in search of a young girl kidnapped by a religious cult. Destined to save her, he teams up with a Vietnam vet, a pro-boxing champ and a former cop to save her...

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Lockdown poster


A detective (Chris DeRose) in prison for a murder he did not commit plans to escape so he can catch the real killer.

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The Patriot poster

The Patriot

The Navy wants a dishonorably discharged SEAL (Gregg Henry) to disable stolen atomic bombs at an offshore oil rig.

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