Sarah Edmondson Movies

List of the best Sarah Edmondson movies: At Home in Mitford(2017), What Color Is Love?(2009), My Name Is Sarah(2007), Love at First Bark(2017), Welcome to Christmas(2018), Wedding of Dreams(2018), Wedding March 2: Resorting to Love(2017), A Gun to the Head(2009), Killer Hair(2009), Five Star Christmas(2020) ... ...

At Home in Mitford poster

At Home in Mitford

Cynthia, an author, leaves Boston to spend some time in her late uncle's small town in hopes of alleviating writer's block. She soon meets a man, and as the pair work together to help a boy, they find solace, comfort, and even romance.

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What Color Is Love? poster

What Color Is Love?

A woman's (Jennifer Finnigan) affair with a married basketball player (Roger Cross) results in a custody battle over their son.

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My Name Is Sarah poster

My Name Is Sarah

A bored woman (Jennifer Beals) poses as a recovering alcoholic to befriend members of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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Love at First Bark poster

Love at First Bark

A single woman with a new, out of control German shepherd turns to a handsome dog trainer for help. As they make progress with the dog, she realizes she may be developing feelings for the trainer.

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Welcome to Christmas poster

Welcome to Christmas

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Wedding of Dreams poster

Wedding of Dreams

Debbie turns her back on the music business and finds true love. When her manager tries to pull her back into the limelight, she must decide whether music or love comes first.

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Wedding March 2: Resorting to Love poster

Wedding March 2: Resorting to Love

Former sweethearts Olivia and Mick are now running a wedding resort after unexpectedly reuniting. As they work together in their new venture, they soon realize that although their business relationship is flawed, there may be romance on the horizon.

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star 6.0/10
A Gun to the Head poster

A Gun to the Head

A reformed criminal escapes his wife's dinner party for a quick beer with his cousin and former partner in crime. Over the course of one wild night, he's dragged back into a world of drugs,... See full summary »

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Killer Hair poster

Killer Hair

Fashion journalist Lacey Smithsonian (Maggie Lawson) investigates a series of murders at her friend's (Sadie LeBlanc) hair salon.

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star 9.3/10
Five Star Christmas poster

Five Star Christmas

Five Years North is the coming-of-age story of Luis, an undocumented Guatemalan boy who just arrived alone in New York City. He struggles to work, study, and evade Judy - the Cuban-American ICE officer patrolling his neighborhood.

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