Arch Johnson Movies

List of the best Arch Johnson movies: Deathmask(1986), The Cheyenne Social Club(1970), Gun Glory(1957), Walking Tall(1973), G.I. Blues(1960), Somebody Up There Likes Me(1956), The Sting(1973), Twilight of Honor(1963), The Explosive Generation(1961), The Buddy Holly Story(1978) ... ...

Deathmask poster


A medical sleuth (Farley Granger) spends years on the case of a slain 4-year-old boy, carrying around his death mask.

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star 6.7/10
The Cheyenne Social Club poster trailer Watch Trailer

The Cheyenne Social Club

A newspaper reporter and a retired, blind journalist try to solve a series of killings connected to a pharmaceutical company's experimental, top-secret research projects and in so doing, both become targets of the killer.

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star 6.2/10
Gun Glory poster

Gun Glory

A gunfighter defends his town when cattlemen threaten to destroy it by stampeding cattle through the farmlands.

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star 7.0/10
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Walking Tall

Based on the life of Tennessee sheriff Buford Pusser whom almost single-handily cleaned up his small town of crime and corruption, but at a personal cost of his family life and nearly his own life.

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star 6.3/10
G.I. Blues poster

G.I. Blues

Tulsa, a soldier with dreams of running his own nightclub, places a bet with his friend Dynamite that he can win the heart of an untouchable dancer...but when Dynamite is transferred, Tulsa must replace him in the bet.

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Somebody Up There Likes Me poster

Somebody Up There Likes Me

A youth turns his rebellious nature into a successful ring career in this fact-based portrait of boxer Rocky Graziano.

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star 8.3/10
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The Sting

Two grifters team up to pull off the ultimate con.

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star 6.3/10
Twilight of Honor poster

Twilight of Honor

A murder case that can't be won is assigned to a young defense attorney. He asks his old ailing friend, a legend among attorneys, for help on the case as his consultant.

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The Explosive Generation poster

The Explosive Generation

Students defend a California high-school teacher (William Shatner) suspended for talking about sex in class.

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star 7.2/10
The Buddy Holly Story poster trailer Watch Trailer

The Buddy Holly Story

The story of the life and career of the early rock and roll singer, from his meteoric rise to stardom, to his marriage and untimely death.

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