Don E. FauntLeRoy Movies

List of the best Don E. FauntLeRoy movies: Seven Days of Grace(2006), Gates of Darkness(2020), Anaconda 3: Offspring(2008), Today You Die(2005), My Daughter Was Stolen(2018), The Perfect Wife(2000), Mercenary for Justice(2006), Snakehead Swamp(2014), Anacondas: Trail of Blood(2009) ... ...

star 4.5/10
Seven Days of Grace poster

Seven Days of Grace

Four women - a blonde, a hippie, a lesbian and a barmaid - are looking for love, money and success. When one inherits an Italian restaurant from her father, they see this as a chance to ... See full summary »

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star 3.9/10
Gates of Darkness poster

Gates of Darkness

A dramatic mystery where a haunted teen endures a terrifying exorcism in the hopes of unlocking shocking secrets about the church and his family.

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Anaconda 3: Offspring poster

Anaconda 3: Offspring

A mercenary (David Hasselhoff) and a scientist (Crystal Allen) join forces to stop a giant snake and its pregnant counterpart.

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Today You Die poster

Today You Die

A world-class thief (Steven Seagal) escapes from prison to exact revenge on the partners who doubled-crossed him.

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My Daughter Was Stolen poster

My Daughter Was Stolen

A woman's worst nightmare becomes a horrifying reality when her 5-year-old daughter mysteriously disappears.

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The Perfect Wife poster

The Perfect Wife

After trying to save a man from a car crash, a doctor marries the victim's distraught, vengeful sister.

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Mercenary for Justice poster

Mercenary for Justice

A soldier of fortune (Steven Seagal) seeks revenge after staging a daring jailbreak and being double-crossed.

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Snakehead Swamp poster

Snakehead Swamp

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Anacondas: Trail of Blood poster

Anacondas: Trail of Blood

Dr. Amanda Hayes (Crystal Allen) fights with henchmen sent by a dying billionaire while avoiding a gigantic anaconda that regenerates.

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