Sandahl Bergman Movies

List of the best Sandahl Bergman movies: She(1985), Hell Comes to Frogtown(1988), Conan the Barbarian(1982), Red Sonja(1985), Inner Sanctum 2(1994), The Lipstick Camera(1994), Stewardess School(1986), The Assault(1996), Ice Cream Man(1995), In the Arms of a Killer(1992), Xanadu(1980) ... ...

star 4.9/10
She poster


In a post-apocalyptic world, She aids two brothers' quest to rescue their kidnapped sister. Along the way, they battle weird creatures before standing against the odds to defeat the evil Norks.

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star 5.6/10
Hell Comes to Frogtown poster trailer Watch Trailer

Hell Comes to Frogtown

After a worldwide nuclear war, where 68% of the male population was wiped out and virile men becoming a rarity, Sam Hell, a scavenger and a highly virile man, is assigned to help rescue a group of fertile women kidnapped by humanoid frogs.

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star 6.9/10
Conan the Barbarian poster trailer Watch Trailer

Conan the Barbarian

A young boy, Conan, becomes a slave after his parents are killed and tribe destroyed by a savage warlord and sorcerer, Thulsa Doom. When he grows up he becomes a fearless, invincible fighter. Set free, he plots revenge against Thulsa Doom.

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star 5.1/10
Red Sonja poster trailer Watch Trailer

Red Sonja

The fearless warrior Red Sonja sets out to avenge her family's murder and rid her kingdom from the tyrannical rule of evil Queen Gedren.

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star 3.6/10
Inner Sanctum 2 poster

Inner Sanctum 2

After a traumatized woman kills her rich husband in self defense, his family and friends show up to secure a piece of the inheritance for themselves even if it means driving the poor woman insane - or worse.

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The Lipstick Camera poster

The Lipstick Camera

An aspiring newswoman (Ele Keats) sets up a hidden camera that captures a newsman's (Brian Wimmer) deadly affair.

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Stewardess School poster

Stewardess School

Hapless students (Brett Cullen, Donald Most, Mary Cadorette) learn the latest procedures at an academy for flight attendants.

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The Assault poster

The Assault

A policewoman (Stacie Randall) and others (Matt McCoy, Melissa Brasselle) at a women's shelter confront mobsters seeking a witness to a drug killing.

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star 4.9/10
Ice Cream Man poster trailer Watch Trailer

Ice Cream Man

Poor Gregory. After being released from the Wishing Well Sanatorium, all he wants to do is make the children happy. So Gregory reopens the old ice cream factory, and all the unappreciative brats are reprocessed into the flavor of the day.

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In the Arms of a Killer poster

In the Arms of a Killer

Homicide at a Manhattan penthouse leads a rookie detective (Jaclyn Smith) and her partner (John Spencer) to a handsome surgeon (Michael Nouri).

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star 5.3/10
Xanadu poster


A struggling artist living in Los Angeles meets a girl who may hold the key to his happiness.

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