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Here we've displayed a list of the best Laborer films : Pain and Glory(2019), Comrades(1986), Man of Iron(1981), Cafe Express(1981), Cocalero(2007), Mountains May Depart(2015), The Ballad of Little Jo(1993), My Man and I(1952), The Hawaiians(1970), The Hairy Ape(1944), The Mark of the Hawk(1958), Monkeys, Go Home!(1967) ... ...

star 7.5/10
Pain and Glory poster

Pain and Glory

A film director reflects on the choices he's made in life as the past and present come crashing down around him.

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star 7.4/10
Comrades poster


The story of "The Tolpuddle Martyrs". A group of nineteenth century English farm laborers who formed one of the first trade unions and started a campaign to receive fair wages.

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star 7.4/10
Man of Iron poster

Man of Iron

A few years after the events of Czlowiek z marmuru (1977), a journalist investigates Mateusz Birkut's son Maciek Tomczyk, now an activist leading a shipyard strike.

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star 7.2/10
Cafe Express poster

Cafe Express

An Italian laborer (Nino Manfredi) foils anyone who tries to stop him from selling espresso on the Milan-to-Naples train.

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star 7.0/10
Cocalero poster


A documentary centered on the union formed by Bolivian farmers in response to their government's effort (urged by the U.S.) to eradicate coca crops, and the man who would come to represent them, Evo Morales.

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star 6.9/10
Mountains May Depart poster

Mountains May Depart

The life of Tao, and those close to her, is explored in three different time periods: 1999, 2014, and 2025.

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star 6.7/10
The Ballad of Little Jo poster

The Ballad of Little Jo

After being thrown out of her home, a young woman decides to disguise herself as a man to survive the ruthless Wild West.

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star 6.4/10
My Man and I poster

My Man and I

In California, a Mexican-American is falsely accused of killing the farmer he was working for, after the racist farmer stiffed his immigrant employee with a bad check.

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star 6.2/10
The Hawaiians poster

The Hawaiians

The intertwined lives of two kindred souls with ambition begins when Captain Whip Hoxworth discovers that Nyuk Tsin has been smuggled aboard as part of cargo on The Carthaginian, which he ... See full summary »

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star 6.2/10
The Hairy Ape poster

The Hairy Ape

During the 1940s, social class conflict is depicted when a spoiled socialite, traveling on a freighter, calls the ship's head stoker a hairy ape, provoking him into stalking the rich woman once ashore in New York.

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star 6.1/10
The Mark of the Hawk poster

The Mark of the Hawk

A struggling artist in a small town becomes the prime suspect when his wife mysteriously disappears.

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star 5.9/10
Monkeys, Go Home! poster

Monkeys, Go Home!

Henry Dussard, a young American, inherits a picturesque but badly neglected olive farm in southern France and is determined to make it operational again despite cautionary advice from the ... See full summary »

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star 5.8/10
I Witness poster

I Witness

After 27 bodies are discovered in a collapsed tunnel in Tijuana, a man tries to unravel the mystery before becoming the next victim.

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star 5.1/10
America's Heart and Soul poster

America's Heart and Soul

Filmmaker Louis Schwartzberg hits the road to capture America's people and its natural beauty.

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star 5.1/10
Kudrat Ka Kanoon poster

Kudrat Ka Kanoon

While traveling Dr. Vijay Verma witness some men assaulting a laborer; he intervenes and mercilessly beat them up. A few days later he is approached by the village Sarpanch, Dharamraj and ... See full summary »

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The Blockhouse poster

The Blockhouse

Seven men from different countries and backgrounds spend years trapped in an underground German blockhouse stocked with food and wine.

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Toni poster


Italian laborer Toni (Charles Blavette), loved by Marie (Jenny Helia), falls tragically for Spanish Josepha (Celia Montalvan) near Marseille.

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Tim poster


An Australian spinster (Piper Laurie) falls in love with a mentally impaired young man (Mel Gibson) she hires as gardener.

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Puppet Master: Axis of Evil poster

Puppet Master: Axis of Evil

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My Sweet Little Village poster

My Sweet Little Village

Almost everyone takes advantage of a simple young man (Janos Ban) in a rural village in Czechoslovakia.

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Red Sorghum poster

Red Sorghum

The narrator tells a folk tale of his grandparents (Gong Li, Wen Jiang), their distillery and Japanese invaders in China.

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The Song of Sparrows poster

The Song of Sparrows

The kind and generous nature of a former ostrich farmer (Reza Naji) starts to erode after he takes a job in the city driving a motorcycle taxi.

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