Kyôko Kishida Movies

List of the best Kyôko Kishida movies: Woman in the Dunes(1964), Bushido: The Cruel Code of the Samurai(1963), The Face of Another(1966) ... ...

star 8.5/10
Woman in the Dunes poster

Woman in the Dunes

An entomologist on vacation is trapped by local villagers into living with a woman whose life task is shoveling sand for them.

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star 7.3/10
Bushido: The Cruel Code of the Samurai poster

Bushido: The Cruel Code of the Samurai

After a salary-man's fiancée attempts suicide, he remembers his gruesome family history, which sees his ancestors sacrificing themselves for the sake of their cruel lords, and realizes that he's about to repeat their mistakes.

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star 8.0/10
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The Face of Another

A businessman with a disfigured face obtains a lifelike mask from his doctor, but the mask starts altering his personality.

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