Mamta Mohandas Movies

List of the best Mamta Mohandas movies: Celluloid(2013), Carbon(2018), My Boss(2012), Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel(2019), Two Countries(2015), Thoppil Joppan(2016), Guru En Aalu(2009), Ladies and Gentleman(2013), Yamadonga(2007), Jawan of Vellimala(2012), King(2008), Johny Johny Yes Appa(2018) ... ...

star 7.7/10
Celluloid poster


The story of J C Daniel, who made the first ever Malayalam film 'Vigathakumaran' in 1928, resulting in his exile and eventual downfall.

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star 6.9/10
Carbon poster


Sibi Sebastian and his never ending struggle to make it big in life, his quest for new horizons and opportunities. While others pass by, his relentless determination takes him to the most unexpected situation in his life.

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star 6.6/10
My Boss poster

My Boss

Manu's boss in an IT firm is Priya, an evil woman, who verbally abuses and criticises her subordinates. However, Manu's life takes a turn when Priya forces him to act as her husband to avoid going back to Australia.

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star 5.8/10
Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel poster

Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel

Balakrishnan is a lawyer who hasn't been able to achieve much in his professional life due to his stammer. His life takes an interesting turn when his brother-in-law entrusts him with a complex case involving a rich businessman.

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star 6.7/10
Two Countries poster

Two Countries

Ullas will do anything to make money and never hesitates to cheat people. His life takes a turn when he decides to marry an Indian woman who is settled in Canada.

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star 5.7/10
Thoppil Joppan poster

Thoppil Joppan

Joppan's failed romance excuses him to be an alcoholic. Hoping to start a new life, he seeks out for some love but would fate favor him this time?

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star 4.2/10
Guru En Aalu poster

Guru En Aalu

Guru wants to be a successful businessman so he works hard for his boss Siddharth. One day Rahul meets Seema, an up and coming model, and he feels like he's finally met his match. Will Seema fall for Guru?

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star 3.6/10
Ladies and Gentleman poster

Ladies and Gentleman

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star 7.3/10
Yamadonga poster


A lovable scoundrel's life is cut short when he angers the god of death; however, he still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

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star 4.7/10
Jawan of Vellimala poster

Jawan of Vellimala

According to the demands of the villagers of Vellimala, the government is forced to build a dam there. But as it becomes unsafe, the government decides to destroy it, sparking a violent protest.

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King poster


The heir of the royal family takes over the legacy and riches after his father's demise; but his uncles are after his money and they plot to get him killed.

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star 4.9/10
Johny Johny Yes Appa poster

Johny Johny Yes Appa

This is the story of the menace Johny who is very obedient to his father and have many tricks up his sleeve. He has an innocent demeanor, but underneath he's the mischievous of all the brothers.

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