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Here we've displayed a list of the best Baby-sitting films : Halloween(1978), The Babysitters(2007), Adventures in Babysitting(1987), Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town(1950), I Saw What You Did(1965), Undercover Blues(1993), Three Men and a Baby(1987), Parental Guidance(2012), Heyy Babyy(2007), Twin Sitters(1994), The Baby-Sitters Club(1995), The Sitter(2011) ... ...

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Fifteen years after murdering his sister on Halloween night 1963, Michael Myers escapes from a mental hospital and returns to the small town of Haddonfield, Illinois to kill again.

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star 7.3/10
The Babysitters poster

The Babysitters

Utilizing hours of unseen archival footage, The Beales is a new take on the women of Grey Gardens.

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star 7.0/10
Adventures in Babysitting poster trailer Watch Trailer

Adventures in Babysitting

A babysitter must battle her way through the big city after being stranded there with the kids she's looking after.

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star 6.9/10
Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town poster

Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town

When Pa wins a jingle-writing contest, he and Ma head for New York City. They get in trouble with gangsters when they lose some stolen money which they had already agreed to deliver to one of the thugs.

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star 6.3/10
I Saw What You Did poster

I Saw What You Did

Teenagers Libby and Kit innocently spend an evening making random prank calls. These calls lead to murderous consequences.

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star 6.1/10
Undercover Blues poster

Undercover Blues

A spy couple on maternity leave in New Orleans, entertained by a mugger named Muerte, is called in when Novacek steals explosives.

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star 6.1/10
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Three Men and a Baby

Three bachelors find themselves forced to take care of a baby left by one of the guys' girlfriends.

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star 6.0/10
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Parental Guidance

Artie and Diane agree to look after their three grandkids when their type-A helicopter parents need to leave town for work. Problems arise when the kids' 21st-century behavior collides with Artie and Diane's old-school methods.

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star 6.0/10
Heyy Babyy poster

Heyy Babyy

Three bachelors who are compulsive womanizers find their lives turned upside down when a baby is left at their doorstep. The trio suspect each other of being the father.

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star 6.0/10
Twin Sitters poster

Twin Sitters

A business executive is releasing dangerous toxins and the Barbarian Brothers set out to stop his evil work.

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star 5.8/10
The Baby-Sitters Club poster

The Baby-Sitters Club

Seven junior-high-school girls organize a daycare camp for children while at the same time experiencing classic adolescent growing pains.

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star 5.7/10
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The Sitter

A college student on suspension is coaxed into babysitting the kids next door, though he is fully unprepared for the wild night ahead of him.

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star 5.5/10
The Baby and the Battleship poster

The Baby and the Battleship

After a pierside mix-up with the Italian family of his fiancée, Able Seaman Knocker White (Sir Richard Attenborough) finds himself literally left holding the baby. Unable to return it ... See full summary »

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star 5.4/10
See Spot Run poster trailer Watch Trailer

See Spot Run

A mailman takes care of a dog that, unbeknownst to him, is an FBI drug-sniffing superdog that has escaped from the witness protection program after becoming the target of an assassination.

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star 5.2/10
The Au Pair Nightmare poster

The Au Pair Nightmare

Trying to leave behind the memories of her fiancé, Taylor becomes an au pair for an out-of-state couple and their 8-year old daughter - but there's a dark secret behind every perfect family.

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star 5.1/10
The Big Trip poster

The Big Trip

A goofy stork mistakenly delivers a baby panda to the wrong door. A bear, a moose, a tiger and a rabbit set on an arduous but fun filled adventure through wilderness to return the panda to its rightful home.

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star 5.0/10
Playing With Fire poster

Playing With Fire

A crew of rugged firefighters meet their match when attempting to rescue three rambunctious kids.

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star 4.9/10
Honey, I Blew Up the Kid poster

Honey, I Blew Up the Kid

The Szalinski family is back, this time hilarious disaster strikes when an experiment causes their new toddler son to grow many stories tall.

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star 4.9/10
The Unspoken poster

The Unspoken

In 1997 the Anderson family vanished from their home without a trace. No bodies were ever found. For 17 years the house has remained undisturbed... until now.

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star 4.8/10
The Wrong Nanny poster

The Wrong Nanny

Stella Armstrong hires Blake, a seemingly perfect nanny, to help with her twin baby boys, only to discover that the young woman is the daughter she gave up for adoption at birth - an act ... See full summary »

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star 4.2/10
Domestic Import poster

Domestic Import

Well-intentioned Marsha and David hire a foreign housekeeper, Sophia, to care for their new baby and put some "sanity" back in their lives. What follows is a situation that spirals out of ... See full summary »

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Adventures in Babysitting poster

Adventures in Babysitting

Two teenage baby sitters (Sabrina Carpenter, Sofia Carson) and a group of children spend a wild night in the big city.

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The Wrong Babysitter poster

The Wrong Babysitter

A single mother hires her neighbor to baby-sit while she's away on an out-of-town trip. She's forced to rush home when her daughter disappears without a trace.

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Tyler Perry's Boo! A Madea Halloween poster

Tyler Perry's Boo! A Madea Halloween

Cranky, fast-talking Madea (Tyler Perry) finds herself under attack from ghosts, ghouls and zombies after breaking up a fraternity's Halloween party.

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