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Here we've displayed a list of the best Execution Chamber films : The Executioner(1963), Fallen(1998), Apprentice(2016), The Hatchet Man(1932), Ernest Goes to Jail(1990), Johnny Frank Garrett's Last Word(2016), Heartstopper(2006), Starship Troopers 3: Marauder(2008) ... ...

star 8.0/10
The Executioner poster

The Executioner

An undertaker marries an old executioner's daughter and, although he doesn't like it, must continue the profession of his father-in-law after his retirement.

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star 7.0/10
Fallen poster


Homicide detective John Hobbes witnesses the execution of serial killer Edgar Reese. Soon after the execution, the killings start again, and they are very similar to Reese's style.

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star 6.5/10
Apprentice poster


Inevitably, a transfer to a maximum security prison will eventually challenge the integrity and ethics of a young correctional officer on his way to become a chief executioner.

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star 6.3/10
The Hatchet Man poster

The Hatchet Man

A hatchet man is ordered to kill his close friend for the sake of Tong.

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star 5.4/10
Ernest Goes to Jail poster trailer Watch Trailer

Ernest Goes to Jail

Bank janitor Ernest P. Worrell is called to jury duty and soon finds himself in trouble when the lookalike defendant's attorney arranges a switch and has Ernest sent to prison in his client's place.

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star 5.0/10
Johnny Frank Garrett's Last Word poster

Johnny Frank Garrett's Last Word

When a young man is executed for committing murder, he leaves behind a curse letter, promising vengeance for all those connected to his unfair trial.

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star 4.1/10
Heartstopper poster


Two hospitalized young people discover that things can get even worse when the dilapidated institution is stranded by a severe storm and a maniac stalks the corridors butchering the patients and staff.

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Starship Troopers 3: Marauder poster

Starship Troopers 3: Marauder

Soldier Johnny Rico (Casper Van Dien) battles giant man-eating insects while leading a rescue mission to a hostile planet.

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