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Here we've displayed a list of the best Evil Spirit films : Under the Shadow(2016), I See You(2019), Demons(1985), Oculus(2013), The Visit(2015), Throne of Elves(2016), The Possession(2012), Pyewacket(2017), Blood From the Mummy's Tomb(1971), The Care Bears Movie(1985), Witchboard(1987), The Ward(2010) ... ...

star 6.9/10
Under the Shadow poster

Under the Shadow

As a mother and daughter struggle to cope with the terrors of the post-revolution, war-torn Tehran of the 1980s, a mysterious evil begins to haunt their home.

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star 6.8/10
I See You poster

I See You

Strange occurrences plague a small town detective and his family as he investigates the disappearance of a young boy.

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star 6.7/10
Demons poster trailer Watch Trailer


A group of random people are invited to a screening of a mysterious movie, only to find themselves trapped in the theater with ravenous demons.

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star 6.5/10
Oculus poster


A woman tries to exonerate her brother, who was convicted of murder, by proving that the crime was committed by a supernatural phenomenon.

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star 6.2/10
The Visit poster trailer Watch Trailer

The Visit

Two siblings become increasingly frightened by their grandparents' disturbing behavior while visiting them on vacation.

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star 6.1/10
Throne of Elves poster

Throne of Elves

In the mythical Elven world of Altera, an epic battle unfolds between the beautiful Princess Liya and the Dark Elf Elena, who has gained possession of a jewel so powerful it allows its holder complete authority over all Alterans.

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star 5.9/10
The Possession poster trailer Watch Trailer

The Possession

A young girl buys an antique box at a yard sale, unaware that inside the collectible lives a malicious ancient spirit. The girl's father teams with his ex-wife to find a way to end the curse upon their child.

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star 5.8/10
Pyewacket poster


A frustrated, angst-ridden teenage girl awakens something in the woods when she naively performs an occult ritual to evoke a witch to kill her mother.

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star 5.7/10
Blood From the Mummy's Tomb poster

Blood From the Mummy's Tomb

An archaeological expedition brings back to London the coffin of an Egyptian queen known for her magical powers. Her spirit returns in the form of a young girl and strange things start to happen.

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star 5.7/10
The Care Bears Movie poster

The Care Bears Movie

The Care Bears team up with a troubled brother and sister who just moved to a new town, to help a neglected young sorcerer's apprentice whose evil magic book causes sinister things to happen.

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star 5.7/10
Witchboard poster trailer Watch Trailer


When his girlfriend becomes dangerously obsessed with a ghost she contacted using a ouija board, Jim reluctantly joins forces with her ex - his own estranged childhood best friend - to identify and exorcise the evil spirit.

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star 5.6/10
The Ward poster

The Ward

An institutionalized young woman becomes terrorized by a ghost.

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star 5.2/10
Voice From the Stone poster trailer Watch Trailer

Voice From the Stone

Set in 1950s Tuscany, Voice from the Stone is the haunting and suspenseful story of Verena, a solemn nurse drawn to aid a young boy who has fallen silent since the sudden passing of his mother.

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star 5.1/10
Cellar Dweller poster

Cellar Dweller

A comic book artist Whitney Taylor is doomed to repeat history in a most grotesque way when she unleashes a demon after drawing it..

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star 5.1/10
Child's Play 3 poster

Child's Play 3

Chucky returns for revenge against Andy, the young boy who defeated him, and now a teenager living in a military academy.

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star 5.0/10
Johnny Frank Garrett's Last Word poster

Johnny Frank Garrett's Last Word

When a young man is executed for committing murder, he leaves behind a curse letter, promising vengeance for all those connected to his unfair trial.

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star 4.8/10
The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death poster trailer Watch Trailer

The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death

40 years after the first haunting at Eel Marsh House, a group of children evacuated from WWII London arrives, awakening the house's darkest inhabitant.

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star 4.8/10
Amityville: The Awakening poster

Amityville: The Awakening

A desperate single mother moves with her three children into the notorious, supposedly haunted, real-life Amityville house to try and use its dark powers to cure her comatose son. Things go horribly wrong.

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star 4.7/10
The Dead Room poster

The Dead Room

When a terrified family flees a desolate southern New Zealand farmhouse, two cynical scientists and a young psychic are sent to investigate their claims of a haunting. There they encounter ... See full summary »

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star 4.7/10
Howard the Duck poster trailer Watch Trailer

Howard the Duck

A sarcastic humanoid duck is pulled from his homeworld to Earth where he must stop an alien invasion with the help of a nerdy scientist and a struggling female rock singer.

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star 4.6/10
Dead Awake poster

Dead Awake

A young woman must save herself and her friends from an ancient evil that stalks its victims through the real-life phenomenon of sleep paralysis.

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star 4.5/10
Dragon Lore: Curse of the Shadow poster trailer Watch Trailer

Dragon Lore: Curse of the Shadow

In St. Jude, drug dealers and corrupt cops have destroyed an urban neighborhood. But newcomer, Hong, has the fighting skills and moral vision to save this town from itself.

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star 4.5/10
The Darkness poster trailer Watch Trailer

The Darkness

A family unknowingly awakens an ancient supernatural entity on a Grand Canyon vacation, and must fight for survival when it follows them home.

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star 4.3/10
Playback poster


A teenager investigates the case of a missing local baby, though he discovers a dark secret that has been unleashed in his town, and an evil spirit that will stop at nothing to find its heir.

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star 4.1/10
The Cradle poster

The Cradle

When Frank and Julie move to a small isolated town with their son Sam, both Julie and Sam become ill. Driven by terrifying nightmares of torture that come true Frank begs a local midwife ... See full summary »

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star 3.7/10
Dreamkatcher poster


In order to stop his bad dreams a young boy steals a dreamcatcher from a mysterious neighbor forcing his family to rescue him from a nightmarish entity.

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star 3.5/10
Jacob's Ladder poster

Jacob's Ladder

After his brother returns home from war, Jacob Singer struggles to maintain his sanity. Plagued by hallucinations and flashbacks, Singer rapidly falls apart as the world and people around him morph and twist into disturbing images.

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The Changeover poster

The Changeover

A teen in Christchurch, New Zealand, battles an ancient spirit who slowly drains the life out of her 4-year-old brother.

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The Drownsman poster

The Drownsman

After nearly drowning in a lake, Madison develops a hydrophobia that is emotionally crippling. When she begins seeing visions of an evil figure, four friends stage an intervention but accidentally open a gate to a dark place.

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The Jungle Bunch poster

The Jungle Bunch

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