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Here we've displayed a list of the best Artificial Intelligence films : Terminator 2: Judgment Day(1991), Ex Machina(2015), Upgrade(2018), Alita: Battle Angel(2019), Colossus: The Forbin Project(1969), Tron: Legacy(2010), Vice(2015), Star Trek: The Motion Picture(1979), Demon Seed(1977), Marjorie Prime(2017), Transcendence(2014), Archive(2020) ... ...

star 8.5/10
Terminator 2: Judgment Day poster trailer Watch Trailer

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

A cyborg, identical to the one who failed to kill Sarah Connor, must now protect her teenage son, John Connor, from a more advanced and powerful cyborg.

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star 7.7/10
Ex Machina poster

Ex Machina

A young programmer is selected to participate in a ground-breaking experiment in synthetic intelligence by evaluating the human qualities of a highly advanced humanoid A.I.

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star 7.5/10
Upgrade poster trailer Watch Trailer


Set in the near-future, technology controls nearly all aspects of life. But when the world of Grey, a self-labeled technophobe, is turned upside down, his only hope for revenge is an experimental computer chip implant.

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star 7.3/10
Alita: Battle Angel poster trailer Watch Trailer

Alita: Battle Angel

A deactivated cyborg's revived, but can't remember anything of her past and goes on a quest to find out who she is.

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star 7.1/10
Colossus: The Forbin Project poster

Colossus: The Forbin Project

Thinking this will prevent war, the US government gives an impenetrable supercomputer total control over launching nuclear missiles. But what the computer does with the power is unimaginable to its creators.

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star 6.8/10
Tron: Legacy poster trailer Watch Trailer

Tron: Legacy

The son of a virtual world designer goes looking for his father and ends up inside the digital world that his father designed. He meets his father's corrupted creation and a unique ally who was born inside the digital world.

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star 6.7/10
Vice poster


In 1970, drug-fueled Los Angeles private investigator Larry "Doc" Sportello investigates the disappearance of a former girlfriend.

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star 6.4/10
Star Trek: The Motion Picture poster trailer Watch Trailer

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

When an alien spacecraft of enormous power is spotted approaching Earth, Admiral James T. Kirk resumes command of the overhauled USS Enterprise in order to intercept it.

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star 6.3/10
Demon Seed poster

Demon Seed

A scientist creates Proteus--an organic super computer with artificial intelligence which becomes obsessed with human beings, and in particular the creators wife.

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star 6.3/10
Marjorie Prime poster trailer Watch Trailer

Marjorie Prime

A service that provides holographic recreations of deceased loved ones allows a woman to come face-to-face with the younger version of her late husband.

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star 6.3/10
Transcendence poster trailer Watch Trailer


A scientist's drive for artificial intelligence takes on dangerous implications when his own consciousness is uploaded into one such program.

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star 6.3/10
Archive poster trailer Watch Trailer


2038: George Almore is working on a true human-equivalent AI. His latest prototype is almost ready. This sensitive phase is also the riskiest. Especially as he has a goal that must be hidden at all costs: being reunited with his dead wife.

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star 6.1/10
The Machine poster

The Machine

In efforts to construct perfect android killing machines in a war against China, UK scientists exceed their goal and create a sentient robot.

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star 5.8/10
The Creation of the Humanoids poster

The Creation of the Humanoids

In a post holocaust society, robots take it on their own to help the dying human race by giving them android bodies.

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star 5.1/10
Moon 44 poster

Moon 44

An unconventional corporate agent is given the task of shaping a group of violent criminals and technical wizards into a helicopter defense force assigned to protect a mining station on a remote moon.

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star 4.9/10
Supernova poster


A deep space rescue and recovery spaceship with a crew of 6 receives a distress call from a mining operation 3432 light years away. A rescue operation via dimension jump is made. Bad idea.

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star 4.4/10
2036 Origin Unknown poster

2036 Origin Unknown

After a failed mission to Mars, A.I./ARTI is now used for the 2036 mission with a few human supervisors. A monolith of unknown origin is found there. It will have a big effect on Earth.

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Endhiran poster


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Down poster


A mechanic (James Marshall) and a reporter (Naomi Watts) investigate deaths related to an elevator in a New York building.

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Doomsday Book poster

Doomsday Book

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Spaceship poster


While working on a derelict freighter in outer space, six young hackers fall prey to the ship's artificial intelligence, a program that would kill to become human.

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