Kim Coates Movies

List of the best Kim Coates movies: Harmony Cats(1993), Mutant World(2014), A Friend of the Family(2005), Officer Downe(2016), The Amityville Curse(1990), Cold Brook(2018), A Dark Truth(2012), Stagecoach: The Texas Jack Story(2016), Ferocious(2012), Caught in the Headlights(2004), Airborne(1998), The Adventure Club(2016) ... ...

star 6.5/10
Harmony Cats poster

Harmony Cats

Graham Braithwaite is a violinist in a B.C. symphony. Unfortunately the symphony folds and much to his horror and disdain, he's forced to get a gig with a country band as the bassist. He ... See full summary »

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star 2.9/10
Mutant World poster

Mutant World

When a meteor crashes on Earth, a group of people seek shelter in a bunker. Ten years later, they need supplies and leave the bunker, discovering that the survivors have turned into mutants.

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A Friend of the Family poster

A Friend of the Family

A woman suspects her husband's business partner is responsible for a string of murders in their small town.

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Officer Downe poster

Officer Downe

A police officer (Kim Coates) who refuses to be stopped by a little thing like death returns to the streets to fight crime.

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The Amityville Curse poster

The Amityville Curse

The infamous Long Island estate becomes the scene of more supernatural occurrences when a group of yuppies purchases it.

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star 6.7/10
Cold Brook poster

Cold Brook

When a young couple gets the dreaded raccoon flu just days after moving in together, a harmless little cold quickly turns into all-out war.

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star 5.6/10
A Dark Truth poster trailer Watch Trailer

A Dark Truth

A former CIA operative turned political talk show host is hired by a disaffected corporate shareholder to expose her company's cover-up of an incident and deaths in an Ecuadorian village.

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star 4.3/10
Stagecoach: The Texas Jack Story poster

Stagecoach: The Texas Jack Story

A former stagecoach robber is hunted by a vengeful US Marshal.

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star 4.2/10
Ferocious poster


Leigh Parrish, a likeable, small-town girl, now famous actress, takes increasingly drastic steps to protect her fame.

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star 3.7/10
Caught in the Headlights poster

Caught in the Headlights

A federal agent, Kate Parker arrives in a small rural town to extradite Claire Scott, a young woman suspected of murdering a government scientist. Kate is prevented from delivering her ... See full summary »

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star 3.2/10
Airborne poster


Bill McNeil heads a black ops team called "Mach 1" called in to retrieve a cannister of deadly viral agent which was stolen from the government by an arms dealer. The team retrieve the ... See full summary »

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The Adventure Club poster

The Adventure Club

Three kids discover an ancient artifact capable of granting wishes. They decide to use it to save their local science center, but there are some who'd stop at nothing to have the artifact for themselves.

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star 5.9/10
Strange Weather poster

Strange Weather

in an effort to deal with the grief over the death of her son, a Georgia mother travels the back roads of the deep south to settle a score. A story of grief and forgiveness, of looking inward to find a way to move forward.

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star 5.8/10
Resident Evil: Afterlife poster trailer Watch Trailer

Resident Evil: Afterlife

While still out to destroy the evil Umbrella Corporation, Alice joins a group of survivors living in a prison surrounded by the infected who also want to relocate to the mysterious but supposedly unharmed safe haven known only as Arcadia.

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star 4.1/10
Cold Front poster

Cold Front

An American cop teams up with a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman and together they uncover a plot to hide international terrorists in Vancouver.

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Black Fox: Good Men and Bad poster

Black Fox: Good Men and Bad

Who would have thought that the beautiful monastery at Gamal House would become a murder scene on a particularly rainy night? And in the forests of Jerusalem, where families picnic every ... See full summary »

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Blind Fear poster

Blind Fear

Two crazed men (Jack Langedijk, Kim Coates) and a woman trap a blind beauty (Shelley Hack) in an old hunting lodge whose layout she knows well.

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star 5.5/10
A Fighting Man poster

A Fighting Man

Haunted by a tragic past, undefeated washed up boxer Sailor O'Connor is a broken man. When a fluke opportunity arises to step back in the ring, he takes it. Now he must stay on his feet throughout a bloody, brutal beating in the ring.

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star 5.2/10
Bandido poster


When legendary thief Max Cruz is framed by the CIA, he has no choice but to help them with a top-secret mission. Mexican crimelord Beno Gildemontes has stolen classified intelligence data. ... See full summary »

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star 5.1/10
The Poet poster

The Poet

At the dawn of World War 2, a Rabbi's daughter and a disenchanted German soldier fall in love and are separated by the war. They struggle on a perilous journey to find one another.

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star 5.0/10
Unstoppable poster trailer Watch Trailer


Dean has PTSD after a wet-job gone bad in Bosnia. Waiting for his police girlfriend at a diner, some bad guys inject him with a hallucinogen. It sends him back to traumatic experiences in Bosnia and he reacts violently.

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star 4.6/10
Skinwalkers poster trailer Watch Trailer


A 12 year old boy and his mother become the targets of two warring werewolf packs, each with different intentions and motives.

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Sacrifice poster


Mike tries to get out of the drug trade to save his little sister, Angel, and leaves her with John (Cuba Gooding Jr.), an undercover cop. Mike is killed and the drug lords kidnap Angel forcing John to use all of his skills to save the innocent girl.

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Alien Agent poster

Alien Agent

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star 5.7/10
Bodyguards: Secret Lives From the Watchtower poster trailer Watch Trailer

Bodyguards: Secret Lives From the Watchtower

Explore the secret world of the bodyguards who risk their lives to protect the rich, famous and powerful.

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star 5.6/10
A Little Help poster

A Little Help

A woman gets entangled in a series of bizarre lies in order to take care of herself and her 12 year old son.

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star 5.2/10
Grilled poster trailer Watch Trailer


A couple of incompetent door-to-door meat salesmen have fallen so far behind on their quotas that they are finally issued an ultimatum.

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star 5.0/10
Carpool poster


When his wife falls sick, a father finds himself having to carpool for the neighborhood school children and being taken hostage by a bank robber.

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The Land poster

The Land

Four inner-city teens (Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Moises Arias, Rafi Gavron) face the wrath of a Cleveland crime boss (Linda Emond) after stealing a car that's stashed with drugs.

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Model by Day poster

Model by Day

New Yorkers are puzzled and protected by a model (Famke Janssen) who fights crime as the masked avenger Lady X.

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Dead Silence poster

Dead Silence

An FBI agent (James Garner) and a policewoman (Lolita Davidovich) negotiate with escaped convicts holding deaf students and their teacher (Marlee Matlin) hostage.

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The Club poster

The Club

A high-school prom becomes a deadly affair when a student initiates his classmates into a society of evil.

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A Gunfighter's Pledge poster

A Gunfighter's Pledge

A lawman (Luke Perry) tries to help a widow (Jaclyn DeSantis) when a ruthless businessman (C. Thomas Howell) wants her to sell her farm.

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star 6.8/10
Goon poster trailer Watch Trailer


Labeled an outcast by his brainy family, a bouncer overcomes long odds to lead a team of under performing misfits to semi-pro hockey glory, beating the crap out of everything that stands in his way.

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star 5.8/10
Goon: Last of the Enforcers poster

Goon: Last of the Enforcers

A hockey player plagued by injuries is confronted with the possibility of retirement when a tough new player challenges his status as the league's top enforcer.

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star 5.5/10
Hollywood North poster

Hollywood North

A Canadian producer buys the film rights of a famous Canadian novel, Lantern Moon and wants it to reflect his home country. But he soon realizes that once Hollywood becomes involved, his Canadian vision has to take a back seat.

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The Scream Team poster

The Scream Team

Three ghosts (Tommy Davidson, Kathy Najimy, Eric Idle) try to help two children after an angry spirit refuses to let their grandfather rest in peace.

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star 6.5/10
Silent Hill poster trailer Watch Trailer

Silent Hill

A woman, Rose, goes in search for her adopted daughter within the confines of a strange, desolate town called Silent Hill.

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star 6.2/10
Innocent Blood poster

Innocent Blood

Marie is a vampire with a thirst for bad guys. When she fails to properly dispose of one of her victims, a violent mob boss, she bites off more than she can chew and faces a new, immortal danger.

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star 5.6/10
Hero Wanted poster trailer Watch Trailer

Hero Wanted

After he awakens in a hospital, a man tracks down and murders the man that left him and a bank teller for dead during a robbery, only to end up having the slain thief's associates come after him in retaliation.

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star 7.7/10
Black Hawk Down poster trailer Watch Trailer

Black Hawk Down

160 elite U.S. soldiers drop into Somalia to capture two top lieutenants of a renegade warlord and find themselves in a desperate battle with a large force of heavily-armed Somalis.

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star 6.6/10
Hostage poster trailer Watch Trailer


When a family is held hostage, former hostage negotiator Jeff Talley arrives at the scene. Talley's own family is kidnapped and Talley must decide which is more important: saving a family he doesn't even know or saving his own family.

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The True Memoirs of an International Assassin poster

The True Memoirs of an International Assassin

A mild-mannered author is mistaken for an assassin after his novel about a hired killer is published as a true story. He is soon kidnapped and taken out of the country to help with an assassination plot.

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Blumhouse's Fantasy Island poster

Blumhouse's Fantasy Island

The enigmatic Mr. Roarke makes the secret dreams of his guests come true at a luxurious tropical resort. But when the fantasies turn into nightmares, the visitors must soon solve the island's mystery in order to escape with their lives.

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star 6.8/10
The Client poster trailer Watch Trailer

The Client

A young boy who witnessed the suicide of a mafia lawyer hires an attorney to protect him when the District Attorney tries to use him to take down a mob family.

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star 6.3/10
Assault on Precinct 13 poster trailer Watch Trailer

Assault on Precinct 13

A police sergeant must rally the cops and prisoners together to protect themselves on New Year's Eve, just as corrupt policeman surround the station with the intent of killing all to keep their deception in the ranks.

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