Thora Birch Movies

List of the best Thora Birch movies: Ghost World(2001), The Hole(2001), Alaska(1996), Dark Corners(2006), Petunia(2012), Kindred Spirits(2019), Winter of Frozen Dreams(2009), Train(2008), Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story(2003), The Competition(2018), All I Want for Christmas(1991), Slingshot(2005) ... ...

star 7.3/10
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Ghost World

With only the plan of moving in together after high school, two unusually devious friends seek direction in life. As a mere gag, they respond to a man's newspaper ad for a date, only to find it will greatly complicate their lives.

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star 6.2/10
The Hole poster trailer Watch Trailer

The Hole

Four teenagers at a British private school secretly uncover and explore the depths of a sealed underground hole created decades ago as a possible bomb shelter.

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star 5.8/10
Alaska poster


While searching for their missing father in the mountains of Alaska, two siblings come across a baby polar bear on the run from a pair of poachers.

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star 5.1/10
Dark Corners poster

Dark Corners

As Susan Hamilton sleeps, she dreams that she is another person in an alternative reality. As her greatest fears come to life, she is pursued by the notorious serial killer known as the Night Stalker.

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star 5.1/10
Petunia poster


The story of a family whose growth is stunted... a family that learns how to love themselves while loving each other (a little too much).

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star 4.9/10
Kindred Spirits poster

Kindred Spirits

A successful single mother's carefree sister reappears out of the blue one day to stay with her and her teenage daughter.

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star 4.7/10
Winter of Frozen Dreams poster

Winter of Frozen Dreams

Barbara Hoffman is a University of Wisconsin science student. She is a part-time employee at a local massage parlor. She is also a killer. Now all Detective Lulling has to do is prove it.

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Train poster


Traveling aboard a Russian train, a college wrestler (Thora Birch) and her teammates fall victim to a gang of sadistic thieves harvesting human organs.

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Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story poster

Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story

Living on the streets, a teenager (Thora Birch) returns to high school, earns her diploma and gets a college scholarship.

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The Competition poster

The Competition

Lauren Mauldin encourages women to follow the "PIG Theory," and to break up with men precisely at six months in order to avoid heartache. But then she meets Calvin Chesney, who refuses to be dumped. Instead, he challenges Lauren to a competition.

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star 6.0/10
All I Want for Christmas poster

All I Want for Christmas

A brother and sister attempt to bring their divorced parents back together for Christmas.

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star 4.7/10
Slingshot poster


Taylor and Ashley has found the Perfect way to earn money. They seduce rich suburban women and rob them. This all goes well until Taylor falls in love with one of their victims.

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star 3.6/10
Dungeons & Dragons poster trailer Watch Trailer

Dungeons & Dragons

Profion, a tyrant, attempts to overthrow a peaceful kingdom ruled by a tough empress.

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The Pregnancy Pact poster

The Pregnancy Pact

A woman (Thora Birch) returns to her hometown to investigate the sudden increase in teenage pregnancies.

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star 8.3/10
American Beauty poster trailer Watch Trailer

American Beauty

A sexually frustrated suburban father has a mid-life crisis after becoming infatuated with his daughter's best friend.

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star 4.7/10
Affairs of State poster

Affairs of State

A young campaign aide gets in way over his head when he sleeps with the wife and daughter of a presidential candidate only to end up bleeding out on the side of an empty road at night.

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star 4.6/10
Deadline poster


A screenwriter travels to an abandoned house to finish a script on time, but a series of strange events lead her to a psychological breakdown.

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star 6.9/10
Hocus Pocus poster trailer Watch Trailer

Hocus Pocus

A curious youngster moves to Salem, where he struggles to fit in before awakening a trio of diabolical witches that were executed in the 17th century.

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star 2.9/10
The Smokers poster

The Smokers

Three rebellious teenage girls decide to even the score in the battle of the sexes.

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star 7.3/10
The Last Black Man in San Francisco poster

The Last Black Man in San Francisco

A young man searches for home in the changing city that seems to have left him behind.

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star 6.9/10
Clear and Present Danger poster trailer Watch Trailer

Clear and Present Danger

CIA Analyst Jack Ryan is drawn into an illegal war fought by the US government against a Colombian drug cartel.

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