Leo McCarey Movies

List of the best Leo McCarey movies: Make Way for Tomorrow(1937), Duck Soup(1933), The Awful Truth(1937), Ruggles of Red Gap(1935), An Affair to Remember(1957), Love Affair(1939), The Bells of St. Mary's(1945), Going My Way(1944), Six of a Kind(1934), Good Sam(1948), Belle of the Nineties(1934), The Kid From Spain(1932) ... ...

star 8.2/10
Make Way for Tomorrow poster

Make Way for Tomorrow

An elderly couple are forced to live hundreds of miles apart when they lose their house and none of their five children will take both parents in.

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star 7.8/10
Duck Soup poster trailer Watch Trailer

Duck Soup

Rufus T. Firefly is named president/dictator of bankrupt Freedonia and declares war on neighboring Sylvania over the love of wealthy Mrs. Teasdale.

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star 7.7/10
The Awful Truth poster trailer Watch Trailer

The Awful Truth

A married couple file an amicable divorce, but find it harder to let go of each other than they initially thought.

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star 7.6/10
Ruggles of Red Gap poster

Ruggles of Red Gap

An English valet brought to the American west assimilates into the American way of life.

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star 7.5/10
An Affair to Remember poster trailer Watch Trailer

An Affair to Remember

A couple falls in love and agrees to meet in six months at the Empire State Building - but will it happen?

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star 7.4/10
Love Affair poster

Love Affair

A French playboy and an American former nightclub singer fall in love aboard a ship. They arrange to reunite six months later, after he has had a chance to earn a decent living.

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star 7.3/10
The Bells of St. Mary's poster trailer Watch Trailer

The Bells of St. Mary's

At a big city Catholic school, Father O'Malley and Sister Benedict indulge in friendly rivalry, and succeed in extending the school through the gift of a building.

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star 7.0/10
Going My Way poster

Going My Way

When young Father O'Malley arrives at St. Dominic's, old Father Fitzgibbon doesn't think much of the church's newest member.

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star 6.8/10
Six of a Kind poster

Six of a Kind

When a respectable middle-class couple take a cross-country trip by auto, they share expenses with a decidedly oddball couple, none of whom know the car carries embezzled funds.

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star 6.4/10
Good Sam poster

Good Sam

Sam Clayton has a good heart and likes to help out people in need. In fact, he likes to help them out so much that he often finds himself broke and unable to help his own family buy the things they need--like a house.

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star 6.4/10
Belle of the Nineties poster

Belle of the Nineties

Ruby Carter, the American Beauty queen of the night club-sporting world, shifts her operations from St. Louis to New Orleans (which kind of belies the Western genre designation), mostly to ... See full summary »

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star 6.3/10
The Kid From Spain poster

The Kid From Spain

An innocent man accused of robbing banks masquerades as a bullfighter to escape the police.

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star 6.3/10
Indiscreet poster


A young woman jeopardizes the relationship with the man she loves when a no-account from her past shows up.

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star 6.1/10
Satan Never Sleeps poster

Satan Never Sleeps

During the Chinese Civil War of 1949, the Communists constantly harass the two priests of a remote Catholic mission outpost.

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Liberty poster


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Habeas Corpus poster

Habeas Corpus

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Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys! poster

Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys!

A Connecticut couple (Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward) are called to action by a sexpot (Joan Collins) and a hush-hush Army project in their midst.

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