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Here we've displayed a list of the best Geneva films : Jonah Who Will Be 25 in the Year 2000(1975), Time Out(2001), The Unbearable Lightness of Being(1988), The Thomas Crown Affair(1968), Dangerous Moves(1985), Espionage Agent(1939), Rowing With the Wind(1988), Gothic(1986), The Holcroft Covenant(1985), A Very Private Affair(1962), Secret Agents(2004), Delta Force 2(1990) ... ...

star 7.6/10
Jonah Who Will Be 25 in the Year 2000 poster

Jonah Who Will Be 25 in the Year 2000

The European equivalent of "The Return of the Secaucus 7," this Swiss film looks at the lives of several men and women in their 30s as they confront the slim gains of the "revolutionary" ... See full summary »

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star 7.4/10
Time Out poster

Time Out

An unemployed man finds his life sinking more and more into trouble as he hides his situation from his family and friends.

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star 7.3/10
The Unbearable Lightness of Being poster trailer Watch Trailer

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

In 1968, a Czech doctor with an active sex life meets a woman who wants monogamy, and then the Soviet invasion further disrupts their lives.

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star 7.0/10
The Thomas Crown Affair poster trailer Watch Trailer

The Thomas Crown Affair

A debonair, adventuresome bank executive believes he has pulled off the perfect multi-million dollar heist, only to match wits with a sexy insurance investigator who will do anything to get her man.

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star 6.8/10
Dangerous Moves poster

Dangerous Moves

During the Cold War, the World Chess Championship clashed complete opposites - personal and political.

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star 6.0/10
Espionage Agent poster

Espionage Agent

When Barry Corvall discovers that his new bride is a possible enemy agent, he resigns from the diplomatic service to go undercover to route out an espionage ring planning to destroy ... See full summary »

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star 5.9/10
Rowing With the Wind poster

Rowing With the Wind

Lord Byron, poet Percy Shelley, his future wife, Mary Shelley (writing Frankenstein) and others spend the summer of 1816 together.

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star 5.8/10
Gothic poster


The Shelleys visit Lord Byron and compete to write a horror story.

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star 5.7/10
The Holcroft Covenant poster

The Holcroft Covenant

The son of a German General becomes part of a mysterious conspiracy to gain hidden Nazi funds.

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star 5.6/10
A Very Private Affair poster

A Very Private Affair

When Jill becomes a movie star, she soon discovers that her private life is destroyed by persistent fans that won't leave her alone. Her mother's ex-lover, Fabio, tries to protect her.

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star 5.4/10
Secret Agents poster

Secret Agents

Moles threaten to foil a team of secret agents' plan.

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star 4.9/10
Delta Force 2 poster trailer Watch Trailer

Delta Force 2

When DEA agents are taken captive by a ruthless South American kingpin, the Delta Force is reunited to rescue them in this sequel to the 1986 film.

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8 1/2 Women poster

8 1/2 Women

With help from his son (Matthew Delamere), a man (John Standing) attempts to garner interest in the opposite sex after his wife dies.

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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein poster

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Dr. Frankenstein (Kenneth Branagh) creates a soulless monster (Robert De Niro) from cadavers and tries to hide it from his beloved.

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Red poster


Tapped phone lines connect a Swiss law student, a model (Irène Jacob) and an ex-judge (Jean-Louis Trintignant) who eavesdrops.

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