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Here we've displayed a list of the best Older Man films : Club 60(2013), The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel(2011), Out of the Blue(2006), The Words(2012), The Mule(2018), Less Sugar(2007), The Krays(1990), Wanted(2009), Oldboys(2009), Laughter(1930), Sleuth(2007), The Souvenir(2019) ... ...

star 7.3/10
Club 60 poster

Club 60

A glance at 62 years old Manu bhai Shah (Raghubir Yadav) and how he appears peculiar in his outfit, crazy in his behavior, flamboyant in his style, loud and funny in his conversation and ... See full summary »

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star 7.2/10
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel poster trailer Watch Trailer

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

British retirees travel to India to take up residence in what they believe is a newly restored hotel. Less luxurious than advertised, the Marigold Hotel nevertheless slowly begins to charm in unexpected ways.

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star 7.1/10
Out of the Blue poster

Out of the Blue

Based on the Aramoana Massacre that occurred on 13 November and 14 November 1990. Resident David Gray, an unemployed gun collector, went on a rampage in which 13 people were shot dead, before Gray himself was shot by police.

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star 7.0/10
The Words poster trailer Watch Trailer

The Words

A writer at the peak of his literary success discovers the steep price he must pay for stealing another man's work.

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star 7.0/10
The Mule poster trailer Watch Trailer

The Mule

A ninety-year-old horticulturist and Korean War veteran turns drug mule for a Mexican cartel.

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star 6.8/10
Less Sugar poster

Less Sugar

An egotistical 64-year-old chef and confirmed bachelor falls for a woman 30 years his junior.

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star 6.6/10
The Krays poster trailer Watch Trailer

The Krays

This fact-based movie follows the life of the twin crime-lords in London's '60s underworld.

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star 6.6/10
Wanted poster


Radhe is a ruthless gangster who will kill anyone for money. He is attracted towards Jhanvi, a middle class girl, who does not approve of his work and wants him to change.

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star 6.5/10
Oldboys poster


Now in his fifties, Vagn leads a solitary life and plays football with a group of similarly aged men, some even older. After being left behind at a petrol station by his teammates on their ... See full summary »

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star 6.5/10
Laughter poster


A former chorus girl weds a millionaire after the composer she loves leaves. Meanwhile, she strings along an artist in love with her. When the composer returns, she struggles with her needs for security vs love. High jinks and drama ensue.

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star 6.5/10
Sleuth poster trailer Watch Trailer


On his sprawling country estate, an aging writer matches wits with the struggling actor who has stolen his wife's heart.

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star 6.4/10
The Souvenir poster

The Souvenir

A young film student in the early '80s becomes romantically involved with a complicated and untrustworthy man.

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star 6.2/10
Jericho poster


A mysterious gunman searches for his lost identity.

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star 6.0/10
Guinevere poster


A young girl from an affluent family rebels and becomes involved with a much older photographer.

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star 5.7/10
The New Romantic poster

The New Romantic

Frustrated with the lack of chivalrous guys her own age, a college senior gives up on dating for love to date an older man in exchange for gifts instead.

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star 5.6/10
23 Walks poster

23 Walks

A gentle, sweet, funny, romantic story of love in later life following a couple in their sixties, Dave and Fern, who get to know one another over the course of 23 dog walks.

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star 5.3/10
Ray Meets Helen poster

Ray Meets Helen

In bizarre, unrelated turns of events, Ray and Helen each happen upon large sums of money which give them the chance to re-invent themselves.

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star 5.1/10
Funny Story poster

Funny Story

A dramedy about a well-intentioned father who inadvertently wreaks havoc on the life of his estranged daughter when she invites him to her woodland wedding.

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star 4.9/10
True Fiction poster

True Fiction

A young writer gets a job assisting her favourite horror writer, but she finds herself participating in an out-of-control psychological experiment.

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star 4.1/10
Fifty Shades of Grey poster trailer Watch Trailer

Fifty Shades of Grey

Literature student Anastasia Steele's life changes forever when she meets handsome, yet tormented, billionaire Christian Grey.

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Nice Girl? poster

Nice Girl?

A high-school principal's teenage daughter (Deanna Durbin) acts out her crush on an older man (Franchot Tone) in New York.

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Grass poster


A young woman working on her laptop in a cafe overhears three dramatic stories unfolding through nearby conversations.

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Savage poster


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Priceless poster


A luxury-loving golddigger (Audrey Tautou) tutors a lovestruck bartender (Gad Elmaleh) in the art of fleecing a wealthy lover.

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The Big Parade poster

The Big Parade

Chinese soldiers are put through endless and often harsh maneuvers as they prepare to take part in an upcoming parade.

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Ring-A-Ding Rhythm poster

Ring-A-Ding Rhythm

Two teens (Helen Shapiro, Craig Douglas) organize a jazz festival despite objections from the mayor (Felix Felton).

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