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Here we've displayed a list of the best Political Candidate films : Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America's Elections(2020), Ford Transit(2003), The Dark Horse(1932), Lillian Russell(1940), Rosewater(2014), The World's Greatest Sinner(1962), Siempre, Luis(2020), Key to the City(1950), Black Sheep(1996), Irresistible(2020), All the King's Men(2006), A Lion Is in the Streets(1953) ... ...

star 7.6/10
Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America's Elections poster

Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America's Elections

Finnish hacker and election expert Harri Hursti investigates election-related hacks, uncovering just how unprotected voting systems really are.

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star 7.3/10
Ford Transit poster

Ford Transit

The movie follows Rajai, a Ford Transit driver which is the most popular transportation in the Palestinian occupied territories (occupied by Israel). While taking a ride with Rajai, we ... See full summary »

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star 7.0/10
The Dark Horse poster

The Dark Horse

Jailbird is hired to lead a dimwitted candidate's campaign for governor.

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star 6.6/10
Lillian Russell poster

Lillian Russell

Life story of the musical star from her discovery in 1890 by band leader Tony Pastor till her retirement in 1912 when she married newspaperman Alexander Moore.

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star 6.6/10
Rosewater poster trailer Watch Trailer


Iranian-Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari is detained by Iranian forces who brutally interrogate him under suspicion that he is a spy.

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star 6.6/10
The World's Greatest Sinner poster

The World's Greatest Sinner

A bored insurance salesman quits his job to go into politics. He first starts preaching about how man is greater than he thinks and that man can live forever. He ends up forming his own ... See full summary »

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star 6.6/10
Siempre, Luis poster

Siempre, Luis

An immigrant from Puerto Rico is determined to bring the musical 'Hamilton' to his island home.

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star 6.4/10
Key to the City poster

Key to the City

Two mayors meet at a convention and, despite their contrasting personalities and views, find themselves attracted to one other.

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star 6.3/10
Black Sheep poster trailer Watch Trailer

Black Sheep

A gubernatorial candidate hires a wormy special assistant whose only job is to make sure the candidate's well-meaning but incompetent brother doesn't ruin the election.

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star 6.2/10
Irresistible poster trailer Watch Trailer


A Democratic strategist helps a retired veteran run for mayor in a small, conservative Midwest town.

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star 6.2/10
All the King's Men poster trailer Watch Trailer

All the King's Men

Based on the Robert Penn Warren novel. The life of populist Southerner Willie Stark, a political creature loosely based on Governor Huey Long of Louisiana.

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star 6.2/10
A Lion Is in the Streets poster

A Lion Is in the Streets

A charismatic peddler from the bayous finds his true calling in politics. Is he a demagogue in the making?

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star 5.3/10
Annie poster trailer Watch Trailer


A foster kid, who lives with her mean foster mom, sees her life change when business tycoon and New York City mayoral candidate Will Stacks makes a thinly-veiled campaign move and takes her in.

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star 4.9/10
Kitten With a Whip poster trailer Watch Trailer

Kitten With a Whip

A rising political star faces scandal and blackmail when the young woman he tries to help turns out to be a juvenile delinquent.

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star 4.5/10
The Deal poster

The Deal

The unthinkable strikes when the advanced MRI scanner within a hospital forces Dr. Colleen O'Brian to choose between her superiors and a desperate father who has lost a child to the scanner before the it claims its next victim.

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The Flower of Evil poster

The Flower of Evil

A man (Benoît Magimel) falls for the daughter of his stepmother (Nathalie Baye), while the latter must deal with a political scandal.

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8MM 2 poster

8MM 2

A young politician (Johnathon Schaech) must deal with a blackmailer after a steamy encounter with his fiancee (Lori Heuring) and a model.

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Savannah Smiles poster

Savannah Smiles

Two clumsy convicts (Mark Miller, Donovan Scott) escape, then find a millionaire's runaway daughter (Bridgette Andersen) hiding in their car.

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Ronnie & Julie poster

Ronnie & Julie

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