Nick Moran Movies

List of the best Nick Moran movies: Telstar(2008), Chaos & Cadavers(2003), Puritan(2005), The Amazing Grace(2006), The Baby Juice Express(2004), American Daylight(2004), Christie Malry's Own Double-Entry(2000), The Proposal(2000), Another Life(2001), Down Dog(2013), Silent Partner(2005), Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels(1998) ... ...

star 6.5/10
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A music-infused drama about Joe Meek, the flamboyantly gay, tone deaf, songwriter-producer behind the '60s hits "Have I the Right," "Just Like Eddie," "Johnny, Remember Me" and "Telstar."

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star 5.9/10
Chaos & Cadavers poster

Chaos & Cadavers

Two young newlyweds, geeky Edward and innocent but alluring Samantha, turn up at a majestic and remote country house hotel for their honeymoon, which has been taken over by the ... See full summary »

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star 5.9/10
Puritan poster


Victorian inspired modern day supernatural film noir, set against the backdrop of Whitechapel, mediums and the work of supposed pagan architect Nicholas Hawksmoore.

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star 5.6/10
The Amazing Grace poster

The Amazing Grace

The story of British slave trader John Newton's voyage to West Africa and the events that inspired him to write the world's most popular hymn, Amazing Grace.

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star 5.4/10
The Baby Juice Express poster

The Baby Juice Express

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star 4.2/10
American Daylight poster

American Daylight

A young Indian woman works as an operator for a US bank that outsourced its call center to India. The bank's young local manager becomes interested in her and offers her to help him game the system and make some real money.

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Christie Malry's Own Double-Entry poster

Christie Malry's Own Double-Entry

An alienated man applies the principles of double-entry accounting to justify his descent into terrorism.

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star 7.2/10
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The Proposal

Peaceful farmer Benjamin Martin is driven to lead the Colonial Militia during the American Revolution when a sadistic British officer murders his son.

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star 6.4/10
Another Life poster

Another Life

A woman is wrongly accused of murdering her husband in the early 1920s, in London.

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star 5.0/10
Down Dog poster

Down Dog

From the writer of Men Behaving Badly comes a comedy about a man who has worked long and hard to become top dog in the sex toy industry, until his neglected family decide it's time to mess him around.

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star 4.5/10
Silent Partner poster

Silent Partner

Gordon Patrick (Nick Moran), a young CIA analyst is assigned to investigate the mysterious death of a major Russian political figure.

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star 8.2/10
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels poster trailer Watch Trailer

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Eddy persuades his three pals to pool money for a vital poker game against a powerful local mobster, Hatchet Harry. Eddy loses, after which Harry gives him a week to pay back 500,000 pounds.

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star 6.5/10
Avengement poster


After years of assaults on him in prison, convicted felon Cain Burgess escapes for avengement on those responsible.

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star 5.1/10
Don't Knock Twice poster

Don't Knock Twice

A mother desperate to reconnect with her troubled daughter becomes embroiled in the urban legend of a demonic witch.

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star 4.6/10
The Black Emperor of Broadway poster

The Black Emperor of Broadway

In 1921, Eugene O'Neill rejects the use of blackface and casts African American actor Charles Gilpin in the lead of his groundbreaking play "Emperor Jones".

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star 3.7/10
Prisoners of the Sun poster

Prisoners of the Sun

A multinational expedition discovers a lost city beneath a pyramid, where they must stop the reawakened gods of ancient Egypt from initiating the Apocalypse.

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Bare Knuckle poster

Bare Knuckle

Lenny McLean, also known as the "The Guv'nor," becomes Britain's most notorious bare-knuckle boxer, as well as a bouncer, actor and bodyguard.

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star 5.4/10
Terminal poster


A film noir taking place in a train terminal at night. Add 2 male assassins, female assassin, waitress, teacher, janitor and crime boss. Add revenge. Who says mystery is a lost art?

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star 6.2/10
Accident Man poster

Accident Man

Mike is a tough hitman, who makes his hits look like accidents or suicide. He's in a gang of hitmen, each with his own style. When his loved ex is killed, Mike looks for those responsible.

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star 5.3/10
Eat Local poster

Eat Local

Facing difficult times and with their glory days long gone, the eight undisputed British vampire overlords gather up for their semi-centennial meeting. However, before the break of dawn, there will be blood. And corpses. Lots of them.

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star 4.5/10
The Last Drop poster

The Last Drop

Different factions in WWII-era Holland race to find a stash of Nazi gold.

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star 4.1/10
Age of Kill poster

Age of Kill

A black ops sniper is blackmailed by a psychotic international terrorist into killing 6 unrelated people in 6 hours... but there is more to the victims than meets the eye.

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