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Here we've displayed a list of the best Real Estate films : Glengarry Glen Ross(1992), Aquarius(2016), The Story of Us(2019), RocknRolla(2008), City of Hope(1991), Heritage of the Desert(1939), Miss Grant Takes Richmond(1949), The Revolt of Mamie Stover(1956), Pocket Listing(2015), Gurgaon(2017), Four Mothers(1941), Beatriz at Dinner(2017) ... ...

star 7.7/10
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Glengarry Glen Ross

An examination of the machinations behind the scenes at a real estate office.

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star 7.5/10
Aquarius poster


Clara, 65, lives her life to the fullest with her family and friends. A construction company wants her Recife oceanfront condo, as they've already bought all the other in the 3 story building. Clara's staying.

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star 7.4/10
The Story of Us poster

The Story of Us

Eli, an outcast teen, connects with his isolated grandfather Samuel for the first time, and uncovers his surprising past, when he makes his grandpa the subject of an animated art project for school.

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star 7.3/10
RocknRolla poster trailer Watch Trailer


When a Russian mobster orchestrates a crooked land deal, millions of dollars are up for grabs, drawing in the entire London underworld into a feeding frenzy at a time when the old criminal regime is losing turf to a wealthy foreign mob.

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star 7.3/10
City of Hope poster

City of Hope

An intersecting tale with a multitude of characters living lives which, in one way or another, revolve around an old apartment block scheduled to be demolished.

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star 6.8/10
Heritage of the Desert poster

Heritage of the Desert

John Abbott returns to the desert land he owns, and after being wounded by hired gunman Chick Chance, he is befriended by rancher Andrew Naab and his son, Marvin. Naab's daughter, Marian, ... See full summary »

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star 6.7/10
Miss Grant Takes Richmond poster

Miss Grant Takes Richmond

A newly hired dumb secretary working for a bookie masquerading as a Realtor causes unintended hilarious troubles for her employer.

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star 6.6/10
The Revolt of Mamie Stover poster

The Revolt of Mamie Stover

Set in the early '40s, a San Francisco prostitute is run out of town just as the second World War has begun to intensify. Mamie settles down in Hawaii, hoping to start a new life. Though ... See full summary »

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star 6.5/10
Pocket Listing poster

Pocket Listing

Double crosses, adultery, murder, mistaken identity, and revenge ensue when a mysterious power player and his sultry wife hire a disgraced Los Angeles property broker to discreetly market and sell their Malibu villa.

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star 6.5/10
Gurgaon poster


Based on true event this story revolves around kidnapping of Preeto which family has come to know from midnight call. The tales revolves as to how they family will be able to track Preeto..

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star 6.4/10
Four Mothers poster

Four Mothers

Adam Lemp and his four daughters, Ann, Thea, Kay, and Emma, are in financial and emotional crises. Thea's husband Ben has promoted a Florida housing development to everyone in town, and ... See full summary »

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star 6.0/10
Beatriz at Dinner poster

Beatriz at Dinner

A holistic medicine practitioner attends a wealthy client's dinner party after her car breaks down.

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star 5.8/10
The Addams Family poster trailer Watch Trailer

The Addams Family

The eccentrically macabre family moves to a bland suburb where Wednesday Addams' friendship with the daughter of a hostile and conformist local reality show host exacerbates conflict between the families.

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star 5.8/10
Lost River poster trailer Watch Trailer

Lost River

A single mother is swept into a dark underworld, while her teenage son discovers a road that leads him to a secret underwater town.

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star 5.7/10
Herbie Rides Again poster trailer Watch Trailer

Herbie Rides Again

The living Volkswagen Beetle helps an old lady protect her home from a corrupt developer.

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star 5.5/10
Crazy Like a Fox poster

Crazy Like a Fox

This is the story of Nat Banks, an 8th generation Virginian gentleman farmer living in the past, who loses his family farm, Greenwood, to a pair of land speculators from Washington, D.C. ... See full summary »

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star 5.4/10
The Man From Monterey poster

The Man From Monterey

A cavalry officer helps save a family's ranch from land grabbers.

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star 3.8/10
Caddyshack II poster

Caddyshack II

When a crass new-money tycoon's membership application is turned down at a snooty country club, he retaliates by buying the club and turning it into a tacky amusement park.

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star 3.5/10
TripFall poster


A serial killer turns the life of a family on vacation into a nightmare.

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star 3.4/10
Norm of the North poster

Norm of the North

When a real estate development invades his Arctic home, Norm and his three lemming friends head to New York City, where Norm becomes the mascot of the corporation in an attempt to bring it down from the inside and protect his homeland.

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star 3.3/10
The Honeymooners poster trailer Watch Trailer

The Honeymooners

Working class New York bus driver Ralph Kramden is always coming up with get-rich-quick schemes for him and his best friend, Ed Norton, who's always around to help him get in (and out of) trouble.

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star 2.8/10
Island of the Dead poster

Island of the Dead

Stranded on a deserted island, a group of people struggle to survive against a swarm of supernatural flies.

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A Summer Romance poster

A Summer Romance

A young woman starts to fall for a New York real estate developer who wants to buy her family's picturesque ranch in Montana.

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The Mermaid poster

The Mermaid

A beautiful mermaid (Jelly Lin) falls for a developer (Deng Chao) who threatens the ecosystem of her species.

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True Love Blooms poster

True Love Blooms

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Dakota poster


A frontier gambler (John Wayne) and his bride (Vera Hruba Ralston) oppose swindlers trying to drive farmers off their land.

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Trois Couleurs: Blanc poster

Trois Couleurs: Blanc

Divorced and ruined in Paris, a Polish hairdresser (Zbigniew Zamachowski) gets even with his French ex-wife (Julie Delpy).

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The Lost Wife of Robert Durst poster

The Lost Wife of Robert Durst

Young and wide-eyed Kathie falls in love with charming, yet quirky real estate scion Robert Durst, only to find their marriage turning stranger, darker and more disturbing as time passes.

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Christmas at Pemberley Manor poster

Christmas at Pemberley Manor

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